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For many years A1A Roofing Contractors has been installing flat roofs on residential and industrial properties in West Palm Beach, Florida. As an expert West Palm Beach roofing contractor we have you covered, when it comes to building or fixing your flat roof. Our roofing company west palm beach contractors have been qualified and accredited by the most common roofing vendors in the industry.

When it comes to repairing or building a flat roofing system in West Palm Beach, Florida, A1A Roofing Contractors is the go-to roofing contractor. We deliver a large range of new flat roofing materials. Our professional roofers will collaborate with you to pick the right flat roof to fit your home or company.

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A flat roof is the safest roof type you can get for your property. You can avoid harm and prolong the building’s life, while saving money, much as every aspect of your house. As a quality West Palm Beach roofing contractor, A1A Roofing Contractors is one of the largest roofing firm in West Palm Beach, Florida. We are a professional roof company that works on roofs regardless if there is a water leak in the flat roof or a part of the roof has to be damaged. As one of the top roofing company West Palm Beach has, we will secure your roof, save you money in the long term, and prolong the life of your roof!

We will visit your home or commercial building, and inspect it for preferred roof maintenance and reconstruction to flat roof overlays. We will examine in order to determine the state of your flat roof West Palm Beach and provide you with the professional services you need.

Experts in Commercial Flat Roofs In West Palm Beach & Surrounding Areas

Flat roofs do have their flaws, as nothing is perfect, but with proper maintenance, you can prolong the state of your roof and keep it healthy. But luckily for you, A1A Roofing Contractors are just the people you need for every kind of roof maintenance needed.

Here is a list of difficulties that flat roofs can create:

Flashing: Contraction and expansion from shifting temperatures and weather will draw the corners and edges of the roof away from flashing, filling the roof with moisture.

Roof cracks: Extra strain is imposed on flat roofs without a slope, which may contribute to tension that causes the roof to crack.

Water pooling: When flat roofs settle in over time, after rainstorms, there can be areas where the roof is lower and water accumulates and has nowhere to go.

Rain and leaks: The water has nowhere to go but down where there is a leakage on a flat roof, which causes the rain to seep through the ceiling and, if not treated quickly, this will contribute to decay and mold and even damage to things inside the building.

Alligatoring: As a problem worsens, the roof’s asphalt lacks elasticity and can swell and crack causing the roof to appear like an alligator’s skin coat.

Membrane buckling: With time, the roof can often change and constant shifting will contribute to buckling of the asphalt membrane as the structure moves and settles.

While these challenges may sound insurmountable, with the right expertise you can get it fixed. We can assure you that we will restore every flat roof and devote ourselves to establishing a long-term partnership with any customer. To arrange a free quote, contact the best roofing company West Palm Beach has, today.

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In the past few years, flat roofing has come a long way. Silicone is one of the most exciting roofing options. Many of us have learned about silicone, but nothing is generally understood about its use as a roofing device. This is mainly because few producers have developed liquid silicone goods, making it quite pricey. However, there are many manufacturers with rates that have consequently fallen. Why should silicone be considered?

Here are a few reasons why:

A silicone flat roof is almost often cheaper than a conventional tear-off and re-roof, particularly where, as in most industrial, air-conditioned buildings, ultra-reflective roof material is mandated. Silicone flat roofing is very similar to the most ultra-reflective roof on earth, if not the most, and in colder climates will save money on the AC charge. It still appears ultra-reflective because of its composition, whereas most other reflective roofs (acrylic-elastomeric) deteriorate over time and become even less reflective.

It is important that you choose a true flat roof silicone device and get it built by someone who is specifically trained to work in this area. Don’t trust anybody, however. This is not going to be reliable or likely to last too long and it might also be a very costly error (the silicone product itself is not inexpensive, please get it done right). Generally, a comprehensive wash, several adjustments such as drain replacement, a full epoxy coating and then two silicone coatings are provided. This is why you need quality roofers West Palm Beach can be proud of.

Acrylic is an option as well

Much of the coatings you’ve heard of during the past few years are acrylic because, we haven’t seen them work as well as our’s, while they will last a long time if re-coated periodically. An acrylic elastomeric coating of high quality will go a fair way to repairing a roof and extending its life, but at least every 10 years it may need costly re-coatings. If you think long-term investments (over 15-20 years), the way to go is silicone flat roofing. It is also the only roofing commodity that is impervious to ponding water that has been known to last for decades to be a major problem with many dead flat or ponding roofs, and silicone coating.

Our professional roofers do the job correctly when it comes to building a luxury flat roof in West Palm Beach, Florida, we uphold our dedication to service and high expectations. The experience and durability you are searching for in West Palm Beach, Florida is what we at A1A Roofing Contractors have. We deliver the most skilled and affordable installation for residential and commercial flat roofing in Florida.Contact the West Palm Beach roofing contractor who knows the industry well.