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Having a secure roof is important for the protection and durability of your home, which is why it is essential to keep up with daily roofing maintenance. Fortunately, A1A Roofing Contractors has you covered with all your roofing services, no matter what kind of roof you want. When it comes to inspecting, repairing, re-shingling, or repairing the roof, A1A Roofing Contractors is the roofers West Palm Beach you can trust to provide high quality and economical roofing services. 

A1A have a West Palm Beach Roofing Program in which, A1A Roofing Contractors provides comprehensive roofing systems for residences across West Palm Beach, FL and the surrounding regions. Our roofing facilities offer inspection, installation & removal, emergency repairs and repair, so no matter what your needs are, we have you covered. Our mission is simple: we are dedicated to providing our customers with excellent roof construction, repairs, and inspection services. No matter what the criteria is, our team is more than happy to support you. Our team is quite skilled and knowledgeable, and happy to give you a helping hand! All you have to do is pick up your phone or make a couple of clicks, and we’re on our way!

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When it comes to residential roofing, there are many types of materials to choose from, but none compares to the durability and affordability offered by asphalt shingle roofing. On top of strength and efficiency, there are several other benefits asphalt shingles offer. If you are planning to re-roof an old home or you are designing a brand new house and going through your roofing options, make sure to remember the amazing benefits of asphalt roofing shingles.

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Our roofing company West Palm Beach, recognizes that asphalt shingles are the most common roofing materials in the United States, especially when we consider contributing factors such as a large variety of options, easy method of installation and cost-effective development. Owing to the presence of reputable U.S. manufacturers that supply asphalt shingles, it is easier to choose the correct varieties of asphalt shingles.

Certainly, three-tab asphalt shingles are softer and not so tall compared to laminated or decorative asphalt shingles. If you are not sure what the best shingle is right for your house, we can support and work with you to select the correct asphalt shingle, shingle content, and design to ensure that your budget is considered.

Roofing Contractors in West Palm Beach

Providing high-quality industrial roofing services at the lowest possible prices at A1A Roofing Contractors. Not only are we constructing and restoring commercial roofs, but as roofers West Palm Beach, we have the skills to repair and preserve residential roofs. Even though we are a large organization, you can even deal personally with the owners, so that you won’t have to worry about the confusion of several chains of shipments and the lack of items to choose from.

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As a building manager, property owner, or landlord, you have a considerable responsibility to repair the roof and to keep the occupants healthy from structural defects, and keep their families safe and protected. We will help you choose the perfect roof for your particular building here at the top roofing company West Palm Beach, and better yet, you’ll get the lowest price available! We have a range of roofing designs as well as color combinations that suit the desired and actual roofing style. Our promises are second to none, so make sure you’re planning to call us for your free roof inspection today.

Roofing Company in West Palm Beach

At A1A Roofing Contractors, we do more than keep the commercial roof in shape; we make sure you have peace of mind that the building and property are protected from anything that might harm you or the people inside in any way. Property owners and land managers rely on us and have done so for years in West Palm Beach, FL for commercial roof repair.

Whether the job is big or small, it gets our full attention. As roofers West Palm Beach, we recognize that you can not simply run a company or build a house if you are concerned about bad roofing. Our goal is to manage any commercial/industrial roof repair in West Palm Beach, FL in order to allow our customers to work in peace.

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Did you look at your roof and notice that a few shingles were missing? Or, on your industrialized flat roof, you may have found water pooling. These are also signs that your roof may need to be fixed. Roof maintenance carried out by an experienced roofing company could significantly increase the life of your current roofing system, reducing the need for an expensive and likely premature roof replacement.

Our roofing company West Palm Beach has been serving residential and commercial customers for decades. Our expert maintenance team can assess any problem you have with your roof, and repair it, and extend its estimated life period.

Metal Roofing In West Palm Beach & Surrounding Areas

Metal roofing is an increasingly common alternative today, particularly in Florida FL. In metal roofs that come in long sheets modeled to mimic a series of shingles or tiles, rigid galvanized steel, aluminum, or copper materials are used. For several new homes and commercial ventures, a variety of custom panel styles, colors, and finished coatings are usable, making metal roofing perfect.

As the leading metal roofers in West Palm Beach, FL, we will build and construct a roofing system that offers the utmost security with a beautiful finish to your foundation. A variety of benefits over other materials are offered by metal roofing. Metal roofing is quite resistant to fire and is almost completely maintenance-free. As a roofing company West Palm Beach we have been installing metal roofs for years.

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Select the best sort of metal roof for your home or commercial company. Based on the look and feel you’re looking for, A1A Roofing Contractors provides a selection of metal roofing products better tailored to your project specifications. From appearance to price, each material provided can differ.

Contact us today. Our team of consultants is looking forward to assisting you. Follow us on Facebook and give us a call. We would love to give you an affordable quote todayWe are here to serve you. You can trust us to deliver on our promises.

Frequently Asked Questions

A full roof replacement or repair involves a lot of decision making, including financing options and the type of material used. At our roofing company, we want you to be prepared for the next step for investing in a full roof replacement. Below are a some of the most frequently asked questions and answers that we get from our clients for our roofing services.

How do I find local roofers?

If you live in the area and need to find a qualified roofing company, then you have a few options. You can call around and ask neighbors if they know of any good local roofing companies, but this can be very time consuming, especially since many people will not give you their name or contact information. Another way to go about finding a local roofing company is to look online. There are a number of websites that allow you to sort through listings of local roofing companies in the area, giving you the opportunity to see photos of their work, as well as getting an overview of the roofing company itself.

How do you tell if roofers are doing a good job?

If you want to learn the answer to this question, then read this article in its entirety. I am going to talk about what to look for when hiring roofers and also how to determine if the roofing company is doing a good job or not. The easiest way to tell if the roofers are doing a good job is to ask them if they have had any roofing jobs before. This will give you a better indication of how experienced the roofing company is as well as how satisfied their past customers are. If a roofing company has previous roofing jobs then this is a sign that they know what they are doing, however if they don't have any references then they might be a little shady.

Is it normal to pay a roofer half up front?

Half up front, pay upfront or pay later, there are a number of ways a roofing contractor can make their services more attractive to customers. One way is for them to offer a discount on the entire roofing project, or they can charge a low hourly fee with deductions for time worked. Another interesting way that some roofing contractors try to entice new clients is to offer to pay off the balance of the roofing contract in full. Whether you are being offered half up front or some other type of deal, you should read every word of the contract thoroughly before signing it and before you commit to anything.

How do I know if I need a new roof?

If your roof has been leaking for more than three months and you have more than four roof leaks, it may be time to replace the roof. Your roofing membrane can begin to leak before you even know there are leaks, but a qualified roofing company will be able to tell you by looking at your roof that it is time for a roof repair. It may be hard to know when it is time for a new roof as against an amateur cleaning, but a trained roofing contractor will be able to tell you whether or not your roof needs to be replaced. There are other things to consider as well, including whether or not your roofing materials should be replaced as well.

How often does a roof need to be replaced?

As roofing repairs and replacements become more commonplace in today's more densely populated communities, the question of how often a roof needs to be replaced becomes more important for property owners. While roofs can deteriorate from exposure to wind, snow and rain, a poorly maintained roof can cause expensive damage in years to come. When it comes to repairing or replacing your roof, contact a roofing company with experience and a track record of stellar workmanship to get your roof looking great for a long time.

How much does a new roof cost?

How much does a new roof cost? This is the question many homebuyers ask when they are thinking about replacing their roof, and the answer may surprise you. A roof replacement can range from a few thousand dollars to more than ten million dollars, depending on the type of materials used and the quality of the installation. For a home owner on a budget, it's important to understand exactly what types of materials are used in roofing construction before deciding how much such a project will end up costing.

Flat Roofs In West Palm Beach & Surrounding Areas 

A1A Roofing Contractors is a popular favorite for installing and renovating of flat roofs. We deal with exceptional performing goods, as we continue following best practices for exemplary workmanship. A1A Roofing Contractors will essentially build a flat roof in West Palm Beach, utilizing the best flat roofing material on the market today. We’re your top choice for constructing your asphalt roof, EPDM roof, PVC roof or TPO roof in West Palm Beach. As roofers West Palm Beach, we offer a wide variety of flat roof items for our customers in West Palm Beach to choose from.

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Flat Roof Repair or Maintenance

It is possible to select the best flat roof product which complements your home or building. A1A Roofing Contractors offers just the finest quality flat roofing products to ensure an attractive and long-lasting flat roof. Let our experienced flat roofers in West Palm Beach handle the flat roof construction in order to do the job correctly!

Do you need to cover up a flat roof in West Palm Beach? Keep in touch with us without any hesitation! As a roofing company West Palm Beach knows how flat roofing repair can be achieved, we can work on your office or home and meet every standard you have. We’re your go-to roofing firm, and not only that if you need to repair cracks in your asphalt roof or seal wear on your EPDM roof we’ve got you covered.

A1A Roofing Contractors has been repairing and installing flat roofs in West Palm Beach, creating a reputation for being reliable and inexpensive. You should presume that the flat roofers in West Palm Beach with A1A Roofing Contractors are as courteous as they are competent. Stay connected with us in West Palm Beach, Florida for your flat roof. Our team will be able to give you a fair flat roofing quote and stand behind the fantastic roofing service we have.

Residential Roofing In West Palm Beach & Surrounding Areas

When a commercial roof has exceeded its life cycle, and a repair is no longer an option, it is time to tear off and reconstruct (‘re-roof’) the original roof. For all kinds of non-residential buildings located in our coverage areas of Florida FL, A1A Roofing Contractors is the specialized roofers in flat and low slope commercial roof repair activities. At A1A Roofing Contractors, we also have a dedicated team of contractors who are qualified to restore the roofs of pitched buildings located in the same counties with composition or asphalt shingle roofing products.

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It goes without saying that if your building has roof leakage, you have to have it checked and repaired right away. Is the source of the leak appropriate for the whole roof to be repaired? Generally, an isolated roof patch may not be enough to address the unique issue. If the roof, though, has many complications or new concerns that creep up season after season, this may be a real indication that it is time to repair the roof. We are the experts you need in roof repair West Palm Beach.

Roof inspection In West Palm Beach & Surrounding Areas

Just like the heating and air conditioning systems, a roof requires frequent maintenance and inspection to maximize the return on the investment. In addition to the warranty provisions of most roofing manufacturers, roof repair is essential, however, as regular roof repair would bring years of serviceable life to most roof systems. Periodic inspections may uncover potential complications whenever emergencies occur and can reduce the total amount of investment on a roof system instead of service demands. Roofing systems are important elements that must be protected and guarded.

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Property maintenance relies on periodic property conservation review and regularly scheduled repairs. A1A Roofing Contractors can enable you to prolong the life of the roof and reduce the danger of water damage to the interior of the house. Roof fabrics do not wear consistently due to weathering and other environmental exposures. This holds true with separate sections of the same roofline.

Commercial roofing systems are required to be inspected at least twice a year to minimize the risk of damage. The required times for planned checks are in the spring after the cold season and late fall after the hot summer, well before the cold weather starts. Sometimes, checks are required after a major weather event, such as wind storms and/or hurricanes. When you need a quality roofing company West Palm Beach, and surrounding cities, call us today.

Roof Installation In West Palm Beach & Surrounding Areas

We are a team of professional roofers that can conduct roof care and modifications on residential roofs, commercial roofs, or specialist roofs. We are one of the largest roofing firms in the West Palm Beach region, and we have experience working with a broad variety of products, including composition shingles, asphalt shingles, metal roofs, tile roofs, PVC, and TPO. With flat roofs, roof shielding, PVC, and single ply roofing, we also work with, and many other options are available. Be sure to suggest it to us while you’re finding a roofer for your next project.

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Installation Specialist Roof Services

Roofing can be an exceedingly painful task. Our roofers West Palm Beach know how to get each insurance repair job completed from start to finish with the fewest possible complications. We negotiate with the largest insurance companies and will easily cope with complicated documents for insurance claimants. Call this roofing company West Palm Beach at ANY time for any service you will need for all things roofing! We have served thousands of satisfied customers and have risen to become one of the most popular residential roofing companies in the area of West Palm Beach. We’re the ultimate choice for roofing concerns that you have.

Roof Maintenance In West Palm Beach & Surrounding Areas

A1A Roofing Contractors is the premier option for comprehensive roof repair. For many years, we have been providing our esteemed customers with reliable, high-quality roof repairs for residential buildings. Regularly scheduled maintenance maximizes the life of the existing roof and reduces the need for costly repair or removal of leaks and rain damage. Our certified roofing experts can carry out a detailed analysis and create a repair plan that fits both your requirements for home and commercial building and your budget. Email us to learn more about roof maintenance.

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Our Roof Maintenance West Palm Beach

If you require maintenance for a single residential family home or a big industrial or business property, ask our qualified roofing experts for technical expertise, quality roofing supplies, top-notch customer service and free consultation. We’ll give you a free estimate to save & restore your roof

Is your roof leaking? Don’t you realize that your commercial roof just needs a patch? Are you willing to get roof maintenance reports and do you need another one? It will be possible for one of our assessors to supply you with a personal, no-obligation, formal report to negotiate recommendations and follow-up for your roof repair West Palm Beach.

Storm Damage Repair In West Palm Beach & Surrounding Areas

Circumstances are unpredictable. Contractors should not be one of them. Locating a roofing contractor to repair storm damage doesn’t have to be difficult. The trained roofers here at A1A Roofing Contractors have been securing homes and repairing roofs after storm damage in West Palm Beach for years. When a storm damages your roof with heavy winds and/or hail, you want a competent roofing contractor on your side. Let A1A Roofing Contractors take care of your collapsed roof.

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With years of experience in repairing roofs after storm damage, this roofing company West Palm Beach has provided effective roof repair that you can rely on. Our fast response time to a flood emergency in West Palm Beach helps prevent any more disruption to the property and helps minimize the expense of reconstruction. Our roofing team at A1A Roofing Contractors will determine the damage and provide a written estimate for restoring the roof to its pre-damaged condition. A1A Roofing Contractors has conducted excellent roofing repairs after storm-damaged homes for many years. Call us now for professional support and quick response for all things roof repair West Palm Beach!


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